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N.C.'s Choices are the Answer for Dr. Arch

N.C.'s Choices are the Answer for Dr. Arch

Roy Archambault MD, searched the U.S. for the perfect place to live, launch a business, vacation and retire. He found it in North Carolina.

"Dr. Arch" had a successful podiatric surgery practice in Annapolis, Md., but found himself consumed by the hours. Years earlier, he and his wife had visited dozens of U.S. cities, but the N.C. coast and its residents really stood out. "We'd ask people about their hometown, and they'd say 'we like it here but…' With Wilmington, there was no 'but' — almost everyone told us we needed to move here."

Dr. Arch sold his practice in 1998 and moved with his wife and three kids to Wrightsville Beach, where he founded Dry Corp. The company uses a vacuum seal technology to provide complete waterproof protection for casts, bandages and medical catheters, as well as electronic devices like smartphones.

Dry Corp has experienced steady growth, and now does business in more than 50 countries with a quarter of its sales international. Dr. Arch credits the state's central, eastern seaboard location and global transportation infrastructure, as well as the N.C. Department of Commerce's efforts to spur international business opportunities through networking and site visits, as inspiration for Dry Corp's success.

The N.C. coast provides the perfect environment for Dry Corp to test its products in the Atlantic Ocean. The company also benefits from the insights of UNC Wilmington professors and graduate students on everything from product development to marketing. "I've never known a university to be so friendly and open. It's a spirit that embodies the entire region and state," said Dr. Arch.

For Dr. Arch, the decision to be in North Carolina is as much personal as it is business. His kids now live in diverse cities across the state, and he has learned that certain attributes ring true statewide. "The easy-to-network business communities, world-class colleges and universities, scenic beauty, helpful people – they all inspire ideas, opportunities and happiness. I'm thankful every day to live and work where we vacation and will retire."


Kim Genardo
Director of Strategic and Economic Development Communication

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