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"America's Rug Company" Woven into N.C. Community

"America's Rug Company" Woven into N.C. Community

America's oldest and largest braided rug manufacturer got its start in one business-friendly community of North Carolina.

"North Carolina chose us, inspires us and has kept us here," said Vice President of National Accounts Cameron Capel, whose grandfather A. Leon Capel founded "America's Rug Company" in Troy, N.C. in 1917.

Today, production of Capel's braided rugs — one of the rug styles it offers through showrooms, retail stores and private labels worldwide — remains very hands on, with most raw materials coming from North Carolina. Some rug designs are even inspired by the state's diverse terrain; the black dirt of the mountains, the Piedmont's red clay and the fine sand of the beaches.

The company is never at a loss for great workforce talent thanks to the region's skilled residents who benefit from the state's exceptional higher education system, which includes the world's leading textile college in N.C. State University. The local workforce is also extremely trainable, boasting the kind-heartedness and honesty for which North Carolinians are known.

"We spin, twist, braid, dye, sew and sell our products," said Cameron. "With the region's natural resources and skilled labor, we can do all of it here in Troy."

Cameron and three of her cousins make up the third generation that runs the company today. But the Capel Rugs family extends well beyond traditional bloodlines, as the vast majority of Troy's residents have had a family member who worked for the company, many for decades.

"We are woven into the fabric of Troy and North Carolina, and it's woven into us," Cameron said. "We have everything we need here to be successful. This is home."


Kim Genardo
Director of Strategic and Economic Development Communication

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